Never talk to strangers – Is it applicable now in the age of internet?

When we are young our parents taught us not to talk to strangers or take anything from them. Now in the changing technological world, as online gay dating app is becoming popular. It is hard to stay away. People of all ages, back grounds look for a potential partner or a friend online. It is the new way to meet new people and talk to anyone in the world with similar interests and likings.

Finding a date in a conventional or traditional way can be nerve wracking and the fear of rejection is immense. Online dating helps you to find the best with lesser chances of rejection. There are certain advantages of online dating sites:

  • You can date at home at your own time and place. Through the chat apps or video calling apps.
  • When chatting online, one has the time to think and reply. One can be witty or cleaver. One can come across as charming and charismatic.
  • You can know more about a person by chatting often.
  • After getting comfortable by chatting, one can decide to meet. This way awkwardness of the first meet is lessened.
  • Simultaneously one can talk to many people at the same time. There is no restriction on it.
  • The chances of getting rejected become minimum.

There are always a few percentages of people who like and don’t like you. With few, the connection is felt instantly while with others you don’t feel a thing. It really depends on a person to person for their experience. The reasons to date can be any.

Now a day’s technology is playing a great part in our lives. With the change in technology with more options to connect and find the best match for you, it’s affecting our emotions and thinking too. Technology has become part of our lives in such a way that without it, one cannot survive. It has replaced so many things from its traditional way to the new age of technological era.

Technology not only has changed the way we work and learn but also changed the way we love. Falling in and out of love, flirting, cheating online, having sex online has now become part of our lives.  Online dating is the new phenomena yet it is the most popular way to find love without exerting yourself physically. Online dating is the new way to find your soul mate. Online dating has its own advantages and non advantages.

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